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Say hello to 2′s complement! From hereon out this’ll be my output alias for any techno/trance/chiptune works of mine, and this first single of 2′s complement was created as a sample for what’s to come. Of course, as a sample, there’ll be plenty more to offer, but until then enjoy the video game music-inspired chiptune piece that’ll welcome you back to your familiar home town.

Don’t forget to heal your party, stock up on items and check out new quests.


released February 9, 2013




LEAF XCEED Music Division NCR, Philippines

LEAF XCEED Music Division is a weblabel operated by Ramon Nario from the Philippines. The label's focus is on video game music, video game remixes and music inspired by video games, especially the more obscure titles that are not as popular and tend to go unnoticed.

We bring to you the soundtrack of the underground.
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